The video works of 14 Northern Ontario artists will be in the spotlight for the first-ever edition of Projet Projection.


On Saturday, May 20, 12 video projects by Northern Ontario artists will be presented at the GNO as part of the 9th Nuit émergente. The public is invited to the opening at 5 pm. The event is free and open to all.

Can’t make it to the opening at 5 pm? Don’t fret! Videos will be running until 11 pm as part of Nuit émergente.

Chloé Laduchesse

Chloé LaDuchesse is the author of Exosquelette (Trillium Award, poetry category) and Furies, two collections of poetry, as well as the noir novel L'incendiaire de Sudbury. Her practice also includes zines, video poems, photography and performance poetry. She was the fifth Poet Laureate of Sudbury, where she still resides.

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Curtis Carriere

Curtis Carriere hail from Sudbury, Ontario. He been skateboarding and making videos / movies most of his life. He now creates videos / movies for fun and for work, it's basically all he does. Videos, videos, videos. He likes videos and movies.

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Emily Sportan

Emily Sportan (she/her) is a 24 year old, LGBTQIA+ artist based in Sudbury. She’s been a painter and visual artist for majority of her life, and her work has slowly transitioned onto digital and animated formats in recent years. Emily’s work has a sense of playfulness, with subject matter focusing heavily on mental health and healing. She currently works as a full time freelance illustrator under the name “Art by Astronoht”.

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Isabelle Michaud

Isabelle Michaud expresses her strong ties to her Francophone roots and environment. Michaud contributes to the development of contemporary art in Baawaating/Sault-Ste-Marie by amplifying diverse voices through her work with the micro gallery Sans Clous.

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Isak Vaillancourt

Born out of a global pandemic, SOLARIS is a Black multidisciplinary artist collective joint consisting of Isak Vaillancourt, Ra'anaa Yaminah & Sonia Ekiyor-Katimi. Isak Vaillancourt is an award-winning producer and multidisciplinary artist based out of N’Swakamok, whose practice includes photography, filmmaking, arts-based programming, and digital communications.

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Kyle Vine

Kyle Vine is a poet, podcaster and filmmaker that experiments with new ways of communicating. His first film in 2023 was Running Interrupted, a skateboarding film exploring nature while in a hypnotic jungle trance. He can be found in the community helping young entrepreneurs develop their side hustles or listening to Hip-Hop music and asking questions on his two podcasts. Curiosity and personality is a common theme in everything he does, and any creative project that can explore it is never a bad idea

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Magali Alanis Rodriguez Beaudoin

Magali Alanis Rodriguez Beaudoin is a Mexican-born artist raised in Sudbury, Ontario. Her work combines printmaking, photography and audio-visual installations through which she interprets themes of cultural identity and the Latin American social landscape. By studying the semiotic relationship between language, ritual and culture, she examines the dichotomies between Mexico’s folklore and its current political tensions. She translates them into a visual language that brings these realities to the Latino-Canadian community and that invites viewers into a broader intercultural conversation.

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Nadine Arpin

Nadine Arpin (they/them) is a 2Spirit Michif artist. They are a filmmaker, multimedia creative and mentor, living and producing work in Sioux Lookout, Northwestern Ontario. They are interested in telling stories which blur the lines of legend, memory and truth. Their work draws upon traditional Michif philosophy in a contemporary context to create hybrid cinematic and installation experiences.

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Nicolas Derro

N.B. Derro is a multidisciplinary creative from Sudbury, Ontario. His primary works are in oil painting and music, where a focus of exploring themes of absurdity, identity, and surrealism are explored.

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Ra'anaa Yaminah Ekundayo

Ra’anaa Yaminah is a multimedia visual activist whose practice extends between N’Swakamok (Sudbury, ON) and Tio’tia:ke (Montreal, QC). Their work explores the intersection of art and activism, particularly contemplating the entanglement of Black culture, identity, community, and futurity. Co-founder and Chair of Black Lives Matter Sudbury, Ra’anaa strives for an active decolonization of every facet of their life supporting calls to defund the police, abolish the prison industrial complex, and for liberation in our lifetime.

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Sabine Bouchard

Sabine and Tobias both live in Sudbury, Ontario, and are passionate about nature and ecology.

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Tobias Mankis

Tobias Mankis is a Sudbury-based science communicator and videographer. Originally from Southern Ontario, he now proudly calls Northern Ontario home. He is passionate about science, art, and weaving the two together.

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Sonia Ekiyor-Katimi

Sonia Ekiyor-Katimi is a non-binary, Nigerian, self-taught visual artist and architectural designer living in Canada. They recently completed their Masters in Architecture and are now exploring their personal art practice. They take an interest in queer identity through community arts, participating in intersectional panels and multidisciplinary collaborations such as the Up Here festival, Nuit Blanche (Sudbury and Montréal), Black Lives Matter Sudbury panels, and group installations for upcoming festivals.

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