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Associate Member

An Associate Member encourages the development of contemporary art in Ontario by supporting the Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario’s (GNO) activities.


Price: $20.00


  • Invitations to every artistic event
  • Access to our ressource centre (art books, art magazines and directory) *
  • Access to our technical ressource centre (equipment to document and digitize your artwork)*


Active Member

The Active Member ensures the dynamic and growing direction of the GNO by investing in it.

Note: Active Members must be francophone contemporary artists, and must be recommended by another Active Member of the GNO.


Price: $20.00


  • Invitation to all artistic events
  • Access to our resource center (directories, books and art magazines)*
  • Access to the technical resource center (tools for documentation and digitization of your works)*
  • Voting rights at the Annual General Meeting
  • Right to apply to the Board of Directors
  • Right to participate in various committees
  • Right to invite new active members to the GNO
  • Registration of your artist profile on the GNO website
  • Invitation to exchange meetings with members


Donations to the GNO – Become a Sponsor of the Arts!  

Renewing your associate membership with the GNO is the perfect time to make a donation to Sudbury’s  only artist-run centre. Support experimental arts in Northern Ontario! The GNO will gladly send you a  receipt for tax purposes.  

A donation of $100,00 or more will automatically earn you the title of Sponsor of the Arts. 

Membership Form 2021

* During the pandemic, these benefits may not be available. Consult the GNO for more details or to make arrangements. 

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