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May 31st, 2020

Please sign this petition. And here, a very telling comment added 2 days ago, on the petition site  by Monique Woolnough, Executive Director of the Sudbury Community Legal Clinic: “As the Executive Director of the Sudbury Community Legal Clinic, I am appalled by how social assistance recipients are being left behind in in measures taken Read More >

May 30, 2020

I have contacted the people whom I know visited this blog and asked them to record their voice repeating 2 sentences I gave to them. I said, please spend less than an hour and I will send you a very symbolic honorarium of $15. I am honored to share Carolina Reis’ contribution today. Thank you Read More >

May 26, 2020

the difference between the 2 recordings, besides the fact that i already published the 1st one, is that the 2nd one makes me laugh when i listen to it.