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from claude

Ray, thank you. i will write more later, but for now, i just want to say that i am glad we can plan a phone call soon and i want to make sure that you know that i am not homeless right now. please excuse-me if my latest words made you believe so. with warmth, Read More >

from Ray

I have been struggling with my response to your last blog. You are facing a monumental struggle – a lonely struggle. What can I say to deflect some of that pain? I was left stunned by the enormity of the homelessness situation and so many deaf ears incapable or unwilling to listen. Currently I am Read More >

from claude

Ray, thank you for checking in and for your good thoughts. they are appreciated. i have had a very strange week. right now, different sources in my body bubble words and my mind does not know which one to observe and let flow. if i let them all flow more or less simultaneously, this is what Read More >