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A first retrospective of the 6th FAAS

Already missing the FAAS ? Us too. Luckily, we can read a first retrospective published in Inter, art actuel’s numéro 131, written by Jean-Michel Quirion. Là où les artistes explorent les intersections entre le territoire et l’identité, an article that gives an idea of the reflexions made possible by this exciting biennal. To buy the numéro 131 To Read More >

A newcomer to the Galerie

The Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario is proud to welcome Maude Bourassa Francoeur as the new Communication and Development Agent. Established in Sudbury since January 2018, she has acquired a training with Prise de parole. She has been a coordinator for a movie festival and as always shown interest in the visual arts and literature. We take Read More >

The GNO is under the influence of the Holiday Spirit!

In 2018, we have… Hosted four original exhibitions Successfully organized the sixth edition of the FAAS Repainted the gallery three times and made hundreds of holes for the Nouveau Louvre artwork Broke a hammer, a level, three brooms and some other stuff Carried rocks, chalkboards, tools, furniture and even more rocks Lost our heating system; Read More >