Happy Holidays & Best Wishes!

The GNO team would like to thank all the artists, its members, the broader arts community, and the supporters who have followed us on our adventures in 2021. We look forward to seeing you again in 2022!  

Nouveau Louvre 2021 : the call for artists is out!

The arrival of November means that the GNO is preparing for its long-awaited annual event, the Nouveau Louvre! Artists from Sudbury and everywhere are invited to submit artwork for the buzzing yearly art sale! The masterpieces will be showcased on the GNO’s virtual boutique over the next few weeks, culminating with the event launching on Read More >


Excuse-me: i started in French today and i do not have the courage to translate right now. I hope you can read French.   bonjour, J’ai de la peine à sortir de la panique et à vraiment faire le pas de mon épique question de possible déménagement à Sudbury. Pourquoi ça? Je suis témoin en Read More >