Nadine Arpin

Nadine Arpin (they/them) is a 2Spirit Michif artist. They are a filmmaker, multimedia creative and mentor, living and producing work in Sioux Lookout, Northwestern Ontario. They are interested in telling stories which blur the lines of legend, memory and truth. Their work draws upon traditional Michif philosophy in a contemporary context to create hybrid cinematic and installation experiences.


May 20, 2023

Projet :: Projection

Chloé Laduchesse, Curtis Carriere, Emily Sportan, Isabelle Michaud, Isak Vaillancourt, Kyle Vine, Magali Alanis Rodriguez Beaudoin, Nadine Arpin, Nicolas Derro, Ra'anaa Yaminah Ekundayo, Sabine Bouchard, Tobias Mankis, Sonia Ekiyor-Katimi

January 28 — March 11, 2023


Nadine Arpin, Cesar Forero, Tejhler lb, Ray Fox, Alexander Rondeau, Marni Marriott, Lucy Wowk