Alternative Art Fair of Sudbury

For its 7th edition, the Sudbury Alternative Art Fair (FAAS) takes place on Kathleen Street in the Donovan neighborhood.
Under the theme of neighborhood, some 20 artists will create original installations, artworks, and performances in unusual spaces.

Map in hand, you are invited to stroll down Kathleen St. to witness the evolution of their creations. FAAS7 concludes with a festive event to showcase the completed artworks.


June 14, 7 pm
Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario, 27 Larch Street

FAAS 7 kicks off with the opening of Geneviève and Matthieu’s installation-performance M. Gros.

FR magazine launch with Nico Glaude

June 16, 5 to 7 pm
Croatian Centre

AGAVF launches FR magazine in Sudbury, featuring the work and installations of Sudbury artist Nico Glaude. Produced exceptionally during the pandemic under the direction of artist-curator Stefan St-Laurent, FR showcases the breadth and diversity of Franco-Canadian art.


After collecting testimonials and audio clips in the Donovan neighborhood, Inuk artist Geronimo Inutiq will present a live radio show entitled “Calling Home”. The theme of the show: where is home for you, for us? The radio performance blends interview excerpts, electronic music, animation and even fiction. He will be accompanied by local co-host and artist Connor Lafortune. The evening concludes with a DJ night where excerpts will be remixed to the artists’ original music.

Would you like to participate and get interviewed? Send a message to [email protected].

Family Day

June 17, noon to 3 pm.
Kathleen Street

Accompanied by the artists, families are invited to participate in the creation of artworks and explore different mediums such as drawing, painting, sculptural installation, assemblage, video mapping, radio, and more.
A garage sale will also be held in collaboration with the Frood Hotel. It will be hosted by Félix HT, aka Selling Guy.

Closing event / Vernissage of installations and performances

June 17, 7 pm
Kathleen Street

At 7 p.m. begins the vernissage (inauguration) of the completed installations and artworks.
With a schedule and map in hand, stroll down Kathleen Street and admire the new creations!


June 17, 9 pm
Croatian Centre

Co-presented by Up Here. A music and performance show combining projections, music and ceramics with Sudbury’s own goth-pop band Fauxcils and artist Annie-Claude Deschênes (Duchess Says, PyPy).

Alanis Magali Rodriguez-Beaudoin

Photography, various printmaking techniques as well as audio and video installation are the main tools that allow Alanis Magali Rodriguez-Beaudoin to form visual links with her social and natural environment. Her work examines her ethnic identity, the urban landscape, and the social condition and dichotomies between the Mexican and Canadian cultures in which she grew up. Always questioning the impact of contemporary art on the communities of Mexico and Canada, she seeks symbols that represent the stories, traditions and mythology that form a visual language interpreted by the connections we make between human beings in our experiences and memories.

Artist Profile

Alegría Gobeil

Alegría Gobeil lives/works with practices considered symptomatic, accidental, contagious, unsafe, compulsive, collective. Self-injury, intoxication and the unwillingness to be alive have been part of their work. They seek to interrogate what types of lives are negotiated through so-called self/destructive behavior. Their indisciplinary and anti-psychiatric practice has taken the form of performances, protocols, actions, documents, images and altered objects.

Artist Profile

Alix Voz

Alix Voz is an interdisciplinary visual artist working in installation, painting and expressive drawing from a perspective rooted in cultural geography, identity and collective memory.

Artist Profile

Alyssa Scott

Alyssa Scott is a visual artist working primarily in printmaking, mixed media, and installation. Through her artwork, she explores the space between family and nature, rural land and structures, and cultivation and the wild, to consider the contradictions inherent to living on the land, cultivating the land, and transforming nature in order to do so. Her practice reflects how both forces of nature and our transformations of nature act on each other, intertwine and co-exist, in both constructive and renewing, and deconstructive and decaying ways.

Artist Profile

Annie-Claude Deschênes

Annie-Claude Deschênes is a visual artist, singer, keyboardist and singer-songwriter with the music group Duchess Says and the band PYPY. The visual and performative aspect is dominant in all her projects. On stage, she is in a trance, she experiments and has fun making the music visually palpable. Each musical performance becomes an immersive multidimensional experience where the audience is stimulated by the sound as well as the visual and performative aspects. For her, visual art and music are inseparable.

Artist Profile

Connor Lafortune

Connor "Little Thunder" Lafortune is from the Dokis First Nation. He is a poet, writer and artist who uses a variety of media to express his vision of the world.

Artist Profile

Debajehmujig Storytellers

De-ba-jeh-mu-jig (Storytellers in Ojicree), is an Indigenous professional, community based, non-profit multi-arts organization based in Wiikwemkoong Unceded Territory on beautiful Manitoulin Island. We are dedicated to sharing and educating about the Anishnaabek Language, culture and heritage through original creative expression with Indigenous and non-Indigenous people. We create original work based on an Anishnaabe worldview and build bridges between cultures, generations, and territories.

Artist Profile


The gothpop duo fauxcils digs and sifts through the work of jennherd and dunstantopp, two francophone artists from Sudbury, Ontario. With androgenic fashion and lashy synthesizers, fauxcils dress up with lush tears and sequenced machines. With modern textures set to timeless arrangements, they construct video performances adorned with ceramics.

Artist Profile

Félix Hallée-Theoret

Not quite a journalist, not quite an artist, Félix Hallée-Theoret tries to create every day contexts favorable to relevant social interactions.

Artist Profile

Florencia Sosa Rey

Florencia Sosa Rey is a visual and performance Canadian artist of Argentine origin. Through a multidisciplinary approach anchored in a corporeal sensibility, she interrogates the socio-cultural history carried by her body and the objects surrounding her in order to explore the notion of trace. Her work is articulated through drawing, performance, textiles and collaborations.

Artist Profile

Geneviève et Matthieu

Geneviève and Matthieu create a strident universe in which a musical happening and a performative installation collide casually. Inspired by art and life, the duo evolves in an artistic cul-de-sac by constantly trying to push the limits of the medium. Geneviève and Matthieu work in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec. Bachelors in visual arts, they have been presenting interdisciplinary installations and performances since the 2000s. Coordinators of L’Écart, a centre for contemporary artists and directors of the Rouyn-Noranda Performative Art Biennial, they are involved in their community.

Artist Profile

Géronimo Inutiq

With experience in electronic music production, performance, film, video, digital images, and multimedia installation, Geronimo Inutiq is known notably amongst other things for his innovative work in remixing Inuktitut music, and for seminal film archive video remixes. Geronimo Inutiq continues to offer a unique perspective through his creative pursuits.

Artist Profile

Jessica Karuhanga

Jessica Karuhanga’s work addresses issues of cultural politics of identity and Black diasporic concerns through lens-based technologies, writing, drawing, and performances. She explores individual and collective concerns of Black subjectivity and embodiment through her practice. ​

Artist Profile

John Boyle-Singfield

Using a multimedia practice, John Boyle-Singfield composes rendezvous between people, artworks and situations. He is fond of new ideas that might open the way to undefined objects or improbable encounters.

Artist Profile

Johannes Zits

Toronto artist Johannes Zits’ multi-disciplinary practice focuses on the many meanings engendered by the body. He draws attention to conventional image-making and how mass media images are disseminated and consumed. In working with the natural environment, Zits extends the notion of the performer to include nature itself. Considering nature as an equal ensures that it can be neither construed as a passive prop nor adored and fixed in the realm of the sublime.

Artist Profile

Nico Glaude

Nico Glaude is a Sudbury-based installation artist, curator and storyteller. Everyone has an emotional investment with the city of Sudbury. Glaude's work recognizes the value of this attachment by creating artwork that is as greasy, sweaty, low-key, fun and awful just like any experience this city has to offer.

Artist Profile

Rotchild Choisy

Rotchild Choisy is a multidisciplinary artist from Haiti. His artistic work focuses on the social, economic and political relationships that people have with their environment.

Artist Profile

Violaine Lafortune

In her artistic approach, Violaine Lafortune relies on the use of scientific concepts to explore the world around her. Geography, geology and biology feed her practice. Her projects thus resort to processes of sampling, transcription, iteration, observation and documentation. Following a performative and multisensory approach, she creates sober, often monochrome works that express tension between rationality and contemplation.

Artist Profile

Laurie McGauley

Laurie McGauley is the founder of Myths and Mirrors. Since 1996, Myths and Mirrors has provided unique opportunities for people of all ages and backgrounds to experience and take part in the arts outside of mainstream settings. Their goals have been to create innovative art, to engender a sense of community identity, and most importantly, to provide a forum for those made marginalized to express themselves.

Artist Profile

Tracy Gregory

Tracy Gregory is the founder and executive director of the Sex Workers Advisory Network of Sudbury (SWANS).

Artist Profile

Cora-Rae Silk

Cora-Rae Silk was born and raised in Thunder Bay and is of Anishinaabe and mixed European ancestry. Cora-Rae currently resides in Sudbury and is the Artistic Director at Myths and Mirrors Community Arts and co-founder of the Northern Indigenous Artist Alliance (NIAA), an emerging arts service organization for Indigenous artists living and working in northern Ontario.

Artist Profile

Emilio Portal

Emilio Portal is an interdisciplinary artist, craftsman, designer and musician. While working at McEwen School of Architecture, he works on several projects collaborating with local organisms in Sudbury where he lives. He has exhibited throughout Canada. In 2011, Emilio and Elyse Portal started making art together under the moniker eeportal. Their performances and installations address historic and contemporary environmental and spiritual issues.

Artist Profile

Elyse Portal

Elyse Portal has been practicing ecological art for almost 20 years, both solo and with the artist collective eeportal. In order to counter the effects of a consumerist culture, as well as the alienating experience that results from the growing gap between humanity and nature, Elyse Portal anchors herself in her environment by presenting in situ projects. Her practice involves a creative process that includes the participation of non-human actors such as clay, plants, natural pigments, and waters.

Artist Profile

Tara Windatt

Tara Windatt is an emerging Métis artist, writer, and arts administrator. When not immersed in the arts world (and sometimes when she is), Windatt enjoys spending time with her husband and four children at their home in Sturgeon Falls, ON.

Artist Profile

Clayton Windatt

Clayton Windatt is a curator, multi-arts performer and filmmaker living and working in Ontario. As the former Executive Director of the White Water Gallery, Aboriginal Curatorial Collective and current Executive Director of the Artist-Run Centres and Collectives Conference, Clayton has an extensive history working in Artist-Run Culture and Community Arts. Clayton maintains contracts with various governments, colleges and non-government organizations as a writer, consultant and knowledge broker negotiating between peoples, places and communities. Clayton works in/with community, design, communications, curation, performance, theatre, technology, and consulting, and is a very active artist.

Artist Profile
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