Alyssa Scott

Alyssa Scott is a visual artist working primarily in printmaking, mixed media, and installation. Through her artwork, she explores the space between family and nature, rural land and structures, and cultivation and the wild, to consider the contradictions inherent to living on the land, cultivating the land, and transforming nature in order to do so. Her practice reflects how both forces of nature and our transformations of nature act on each other, intertwine and co-exist, in both constructive and renewing, and deconstructive and decaying ways.


June 14 — 17, 2023

FAAS7 : Kathleen

Alanis Magali Rodriguez-Beaudoin, Alegría Gobeil, Alix Voz, Alyssa Scott, Annie-Claude Deschênes, Connor Lafortune, Debajehmujig Storytellers, Fauxcils, Félix Hallée-Theoret, Florencia Sosa Rey, Geneviève et Matthieu, Géronimo Inutiq, Jessica Karuhanga, John Boyle-Singfield, Johannes Zits, Nico Glaude, Rotchild Choisy, Violaine Lafortune, Laurie McGauley, Tracy Gregory, Cora-Rae Silk, Emilio Portal, Elyse Portal, Tara Windatt, Clayton Windatt