Annie-Claude Deschênes

Annie-Claude Deschênes is a visual artist, singer, keyboardist and singer-songwriter with the music group Duchess Says and the band PYPY. The visual and performative aspect is dominant in all her projects. On stage, she is in a trance, she experiments and has fun making the music visually palpable. Each musical performance becomes an immersive multidimensional experience where the audience is stimulated by the sound as well as the visual and performative aspects. For her, visual art and music are inseparable.


June 14 — 17, 2023

FAAS7 : Kathleen

Alanis Magali Rodriguez-Beaudoin, Alegría Gobeil, Alix Voz, Alyssa Scott, Annie-Claude Deschênes, Connor Lafortune, Debajehmujig Storytellers, Fauxcils, Félix Hallée-Theoret, Florencia Sosa Rey, Geneviève et Matthieu, Géronimo Inutiq, Jessica Karuhanga, John Boyle-Singfield, Johannes Zits, Nico Glaude, Rotchild Choisy, Violaine Lafortune, Laurie McGauley, Tracy Gregory, Cora-Rae Silk, Emilio Portal, Elyse Portal, Tara Windatt, Clayton Windatt