Accompanying text

Text by Craig Leonard


Teddy better than Dorian

Shambles on the beach

Bumper crop of seaweed

Ol’ dug well complete


With attention to nothing extra. Nothing obvious. Not what you think. Everything different. Almost equal. Everything just the same.


In snowy steps

near garlic

a wheelbarrow turned



Something happened, nothing happened. About to happen, very funny. Makes me cry. Makes sense. Makes a difference. Just now, last week. In the kitchen. In the news.


In the garden 

while asleep 

by the beach, low 

tide, talking circles 

round a castle keep


Some boredom. No boredom. Known boredom about stories about stories about families about children about games about words about listening.





Little Bird



Always rolls with Greek salad. Mediation and a fight. Ornate playing never practicing. Cacophonous routines and jamming returns like a nimble-footed backboard.



and enjambments

keeping line breaks

only shadows


Same view but different rhythms. Same rhythm, different views. Sucking mangoes. Sucking face. Pocket drawings and random arrows. Glorious AN-O-NY-MI-TY behind a bayside tree.


Let’s swim 

in the Pitch Lake?

You can’t do that, man.

Try over here. It’s cool 

and deep, uncommonly