Curator : Laura Demers
Opening : Friday June 10, at 5pm
Community walk : Wednesday June 29, at 5pm (with the Coalition for a Liveable Sudbury)

In the geocultural environment of Northern Ontario, the mining imaginary has long been a structuring force in stories, poetry and art. Elyse Portal, Magali Alanis Rodriguez Beaudoin, and Camille Tremblay Beaulieu, three Sudbury artists whose practices are directly informed by their milieu, seek to forge links between the various issues that take place there. Through photography, installation works, and in situ gestures, they cultivate a relationship to nature and to others based on principles of interdependence and reciprocity that work against an extractive logic.


Elyse Portal

Elyse Portal has been practicing ecological art for almost 20 years, both solo and with the artist collective eeportal. In order to counter the effects of a consumerist culture, as well as the alienating experience that results from the growing gap between humanity and nature, Elyse Portal anchors herself in her environment by presenting in situ projects. Her practice involves a creative process that includes the participation of non-human actors such as clay, plants, natural pigments, and waters.

Artist Profile

Magali Alanis Rodriguez Beaudoin

Magali Alanis Rodriguez Beaudoin is a Mexican-born artist raised in Sudbury, Ontario. Her work combines printmaking, photography and audio-visual installations through which she interprets themes of cultural identity and the Latin American social landscape. By studying the semiotic relationship between language, ritual and culture, she examines the dichotomies between Mexico’s folklore and its current political tensions. She translates them into a visual language that brings these realities to the Latino-Canadian community and that invites viewers into a broader intercultural conversation.

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Camille Tremblay Beaulieu

Camille Tremblay Beaulieu studied zoology at Laurentian University and completed her thesis on the impact of mining industries in Sudbury on amphibians and reptiles in the region. With a degree in Environmental Visual Communication from the Royal Ontario Museum and Fleming College, Camille is interested in capturing images of the local landscapes, both living and dead, their destruction, their restoration, as well as the stories of those who inhabit them.

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