(re)member of water

Emilio Portal, Elyse Portal

September 11th to October 3rd 2015

residency from September 5th to 11th
exhibition from September 11th to October 3rd

opening Friday September 11th at 5pm

Exhibition Sponsor

(re)member of water

The human relationship with water is at the heart of Elyse and Emilio Portal’s artistic project (re)member of water. The pair of interdisciplinary artists is interested in the rivers, creeks and other waterways buried beneath our cities. In Sudbury, they’ll be exploring the community’s relationship with Junction creek: a creek that zig-zags across much of the city, a portion of which is buried beneath the downtown, flowing beneath the GNO itself. An installation of suspended textile works will evoke all the waterways made invisible by urban planning. The stories and character of the Junction will be told through drawings, sculptural installation and video works. Also, the creek’s voice will stream throughout the space thanks to a recorded soundscape.

The Portals are concerned with both relational/cultural and material practices. They seek to (re)claim non-toxic approaches to artmaking that develop greater intimacies with places. While natural materials and local sites are central to the Portals’ creative production, technology is sometimes implemented when they feel it can expand peoples’ imaginative experiences.

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