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Nouveau Louvre 2021 : the call for artists is out!

The arrival of November means that the GNO is preparing for its long-awaited annual event, the Nouveau Louvre! Artists from Sudbury and everywhere are invited to submit artwork for the buzzing yearly art sale! The masterpieces will be showcased on the GNO’s virtual boutique over the next few weeks, culminating with the event launching on November 20th, 2021.

For more information, see the call for artists.

We look forward to seeing your creations!

Artist claude wittmann publishes a poignant article in The Toronto Star

claude wittmann, artist in residency at the GNO since February 2020, published an article in The Toronto Star on the housing crisis in Toronto, as well as the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) and the Ontario Works program (OW). 🏠 These topics are deeply embedded in wittmann’s practice — you can read various blog entries that explore these themes, among others, under the label “wheels/politics/panic” on our website.

Read the article




Audience survey — The GNO wants your feedback! 💬

The Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario is moving to the Place des Arts de Sudbury in the fall of 2021!

On the eve of this important new chapter in GNO history, we are launching a short survey to take the pulse of the community so we can better continue to reach and serve you.

In a few minutes, let us know your thoughts, especially with regard to our communication methods. This survey is anonymous.

Take the survey

Thanks to our Zoom Louvre 2020 artists

As the Zoom Louvre draws to a close, the GNO would like to thank the artists who made this event a success. The pandemic threatened our annual tradition, but thanks to our community and with the help of several partners, the GNO was able to celebrate the holidays in style, virtually.

Thank you to the artists who contributed artworks to the art sale:

Pina Dibenedetto, Nadine Bariteau, Gloria Bell, Jan Browning, Kathy Browning, Raymonde Béland, Julie René De Cotret & Jefferson Campbell-Cooper (JuJe), Anthony Chezzi, Michelle Cieloszczyk, Shirley Cockburn, Robert Courchesne, Catharine Cribbs, Mercedes Cueto, John Debreuil, Laura Demers, Simone Desormiers, Véronique Doucet, Nick Dubecki, Anyse Ducharme, Sonia Ekiyor-Katimi, Michael Fernandes, Claudine Gagné, Sue Gamble, Doug Goodale, Vincent Groulx, Debra Ireland, Bob Jeffery, Chloé LaDuchesse, Mariana Lafrance, Sue Lampinen, Ron Langin, Ray Laporte, Marguerite Laurin, Denise Levesque, Amanda Lindenbach, Bennett Malcolmson, Alice Malykh, Irvin Marshall, Carmen Martorella, Tyler Matheson, Geneviève & Matthieu, Suzanne McCrae, Kim McKibbon, Gary Moratz, Sheri Nault, Lori Paradis, Liz Peekstok, Jennie Philipow, Sasha Phipps, ee Portal, Nicole Poulin, Sharon Preen, Isabelle Ratté, Ruth Reid, Linda Renaud, Stéphane Robert, Alanis Rodriguez, Alexander Rondeau, Jamie Ruddy, Adrienne Scott, Maria Simmons, Lulu Soleil, Paulette Stewart, Colette Thériault, Rita Tremblay, Jason Walsh, Bill Whittaker, and claude wittmann.

And thank you to everyone who joined us to celebrate, sing, nibble, chat (and especially laugh!) on Zoom last December 18th.



Works by Mariana Lafrance, Rita Tremblay, and Michelle Cieloszczyk.

News from the GNO!

The GNO welcomes Laura Demers, who is now part of the team as the Communications and Development Officer.

Laura has been working in the visual arts since 2014; she has worked at the National Gallery of Canada (Ottawa) and The Power Plant (Toronto), among others. She is an artist, writer, and emerging curator, as well as co-founder of the plumb gallery in Toronto.

The team would also like to thank Maude Bourassa Francoeur for her energy and for the efforts she has contributed to the GNO since 2019. We wish her happiness and success!

We Are All Trumpets in a Corner

an impression left on Elyse Bertrand about “The Olympic Effort of the Sex Magick Warriors” by Maximilian Suillerot

Chants and people fill the streets, taking back the night. Protesting with people, filling the air with energy to bring change. The community felt among people who’ve been hurt, who have loved ones hurt by others. Being part of it, my voice raw from chanting and then going to a white, pink and blue room. The message is clear. Were here. We are queer. We aren’t going away.

A husk of binary colours, on a podium cast there and empty. Shallow promises of tolerance. Stripped down to the pink and blue, it tells me we are more than the sex we were assigned. Fruity armour its called, like casting off one’s armour to be truly vulnerable, allowing oneself to shed the strict and rigid binary society has placed upon us and transition into another society. One of tolerance and acceptance. One where we can be who we are without fear of violence, without the shame and anger.

There were many emotions when I first walked into this space, I was not able to identify at first but it was powerful. To see such bright and loud pride. Something moved in me and brought out my own sense of pride. Here is a space I could be in.  A space where I was myself. Not whom I presented as – woman – but my full non-binary self. Someone who could work past the shame and anger imposed onto me by society. Someone who can correct people when they call me the wrong gender.

We are like trumpets in a corner, pushed there by people who cannot accept, who will not accept, so swept in the corner making our cries of protest. As if we cannot be heard. But we are being heard. Every time my friends use the right pronouns. For every ally we have against every enemy.

Sex Magick Warriors: we fight for the basic human right to exist. To be who we are. On this planet as a fellow human being. The torch passed down from our trans ancestors who were buried in life and in accomplishment. This torch has been passed and carried for as long as humans have been. Flickering but always there.

Like what is shown in the video, which is the exhibition’s main piece, I’m inspired to keep that torch burning for my trans and non-binary siblings. Keep it going for the next generation to take up and run with it. To keep it running until we finally can just be. Live as we are, in the end that is all anybody wants. So why deny us this? Why deny people the right to be themselves when we ourselves are not hurting anyone.

It will take a lot of magick energy to change the minds of those who do not want change. But change is happening every day. May it be the leaves in the trees and the air in the sky, nothing stays the same, as does society, and we must use our energy for the better of our society. Our energy has linked us all with the mutual suffering, our mutual loves and our mutual resilience. We are here, we always have and always will be.

Elyse is an artist who enjoys being around cool people, animals and working in their studio.They are also at their peak when the fall colours show on the trees.