Patrick Harrop

Patrick Harrop is an electronic artist, licensed architect and a professor of architecture at Laurentian University | Université Laurentienne in Sudbury, Canada. Patrick Harrop’s artistic practice is a research / creation based exploration of perceptual and dynamic phenomena, informed and influenced by the philosophy of technology, the history of architecture and the early modern history of technology. His research specialty is in emerging technology and design with a particular emphasis in electromechanical hacking, digital fabrication and open-source maker culture. Both his artistic work has been shown in Montreal, Busan, Budapest, Shanghai, Berlin, London, Vancouver and Winnipeg.


Harrop’s practice could be considered as being formally part of the community of electronic art. Yet it is impossible to define a clear boundary between a synthetic production of an artistic practice, the broader dimensions of his academic research and his formal training as an architect. His artistic practice, therefore, is a byproduct of his fundamental preoccupations with the human, aesthetic, technical, and cultural dialogue of human agency that modulates the interaction between the material and immaterial. Hence his work, reflects are larger scope of critical modes of material production, the question of technological agency, matter and especially the material structure of architectural making.

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