Jeremy Upward

Jeremy Upward is a Sudbury-based digital artist with a background in architecture. His passion for digital media turns into an exploration of the duality between physical and digital space, as well as an interweaving of visual and sound phenomena. Using tools like TouchDesigner and Ableton, he explores these ideas through digital projection to transform what is traditionally bound to a computer screen into a three-dimensional, spatial and sound experience. As society increasingly embraces the internet, Jeremy believes it is important to explore how to integrate everyone’s digital life into their physical life. In recent years, his work has been presented to the public at numerous official events such as Nuit Blanche at the McEwen School of Architecture and the guerrilla-style pieces seen inside the condos offered for The Brewer Lofts.


April 22, 2021

Construction of an explosion: inhabited and imagined spaces

Patrick Harrop, Eric Lalonde, Jeremy Upward