Eric Lalonde

Intertwined between the physical and the digital, Eric Lalonde is an artist and architectural intern who resides in Sudbury, Ontario. He is fascinated by the potential that lies between the built environment and the media arts. His artistic experience is based on light, sound, modular synthesis, projection and real-time programming. The principles of analog and digital are thematically relevant in his pieces and have inspired greater duality in his work. His various projects seek to involve the viewer, not only as audience, but also as part of the process, which ultimately reinforces the unique experience. He participated in the Nuit blanche 2020 at the McEwen School of Architecture and in the FAAS at the Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario in 2018.


April 22, 2021

Construction of an explosion: inhabited and imagined spaces

Patrick Harrop, Eric Lalonde, Jeremy Upward