May 5 — 22, 2010

Alain-Martin Richard



With landscape as its theme, Surgir relates natural and industrial landscapes with what I call the “human landscape”. The background is industry, mines, the outdoors and the city, and as a counterpoint, inlayed into these images, is the space of intimacy.

This installation offers a poetic perception of our insertion into the landscape as a whole, our physical, social and economic environment. What bridges the hiatus between private desires and the metamorphoses forced upon “residual landscapes”? Here is where can arise the smell of a horse, the folds of a morel, a glint of tinted glass, an incensed Buddha, a figurine of a child, a splash in a hot tub, the foot of a table, a keyboard, a porcelain ballerina…


This exhibition is sponsored by Over the Atlantic and Donald P. Kuyek Barrister & Solicitor.

Alain-Martin Richard

Alain-Martin Richard is a performer, artist, editor and critic who has been working in theatre, literature and performance since the late seventies. He was a member of the now defunct international group The Nomads, a collective that has shown work at events such as Documenta 8 (Kassel, Germany) and as part of the Olympic Games (Calgary, Canada, 1988). Richard has organized several exhibitions within Quebec, has toured Europe, Japan and North America, and has co-authored many publications. Along with his partner, Martin Mainguy, he is a member of the collective "Les causes perdues in©", a group dedicated to exploring the possibilities of contemporary poetry.

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