May 30 — June 30, 2011

Emilio Portal



the quechua word « pacha » has many meanings including world, universe, space, time, date, place… it is this multiplicity found in all, that connects all to each other.

objects or entities are not simply static objects. rather they are places, localities, environments, worlds and universes onto themselves, which possess unfathomable histories due to their existence as beings in relationship with all other entities.

over several days as I will familiarize myself with the local environment, I will  gather objects and bring them back to the gallery.

print-drawings will be created in order to honour these objects. rather than representations, they will be the result of a communion with the surrouding local world.

the final installation will be the result of a moment in time devoted to the honouring of the place, its materials, peoples, histories, sources and relationships in the world.

–  emilio portal

Emilio Portal

Emilio Portal is an interdisciplinary artist, craftsman, designer and musician. While working at McEwen School of Architecture, he works on several projects collaborating with local organisms in Sudbury where he lives. He has exhibited throughout Canada. In 2011, Emilio and Elyse Portal started making art together under the moniker eeportal. Their performances and installations address historic and contemporary environmental and spiritual issues.

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