October 19 — November 16, 2002

Isabelle Laverdière

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In the manner of an illustrated book, Isabelle Laverdière links a series of objects and drawings pertaining to agriculture and food. Images identified with farms, animals and landscapes are represented and produced from domestic materials: soap, sugar, chocolate, crockery, pasta. The domestic world thus evoked plays upon the juxtaposition of its industrial and « hand-made » materials. Reality is gently skewed in this delightful banquet for the senses.

Isabelle Laverdière

Isabelle Laverdière lives and works in Quebec. She holds a master's degree in visual arts from Laval University. Her work has been presented in several centres in Canada as well as in Scotland and Finland. Having participated in several creative stays, in 2000 she published a publication entitled Isabelle Laverdière in Scotland in the series Les aventures de L’Oeil de Poisson.

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