October 23 — November 20, 2004

Michèle Provost

Journal intime


If we could capture the thought process of a given individual within a given society, make a sort of daily cartography of it, we would have to imagine a juxtaposition of autonomous works, a free association of ideas and disparate. Journal intime (Diary) by Michèle Provost precisely illustrates the daily considerations of a person living with family, in the suburbs… sometimes crushed under the weight of society.

The installation comprises 365 pieces, one for each day of the calendar year. Each of the works is autonomous, maintaining only a physical link with the whole through its format. This is an exhibition whose content, both personal and collective, will be reinterpreted a thousand times, each interpretation nevertheless imposing itself as definitive.

“Each piece is autonomous, created spontaneously and reflects what was going through my head when I was creating the object. […] People can recognize themselves in each work. These can mean different things to different people. It was important for me to demonstrate the importance of the simple things that happen in life, which have an impact on people. »

—Michèle Provost, Le Voyageur, October 27, 2004

Michèle Provost

After completing a degree in translation at the University of Ottawa, Michèle Provost obtained a diploma in Visual arts from the Ottawa School of Art. Her art work has been exhibited in Canada, Italy and England.

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