September 14 — October 11, 1996

Anne-Marie Bénéteau



Insomnia is a powerful testimony to the artist’s passion for environmental conservation and the survival of endangered species. These deep concerns are at the heart of her artistic approach. Insomnia is a series of nocturnal insects, meticulously reproduced in wood and mounted on boxes. Under each of them sparkles a candle. Everything is set in a black enclosure, creating a feeling of almost claustrophobia. The exhibition evokes both a scientific display of specimens and religious icons.

However, the artist adds an element to it that challenges classification systems. She assigns each of her specimens a new name. “My intention extends far beyond mere documentation. It is a process that, through my personal experiences, allows me to reclaim nature… my goal is to create views opposed to the pre-established definitions in our culture vis-à-vis nature.” According to her, there is an urgency, a need to reactivate an alternative relationship with nature since our knowledge and our interaction with this world have been disrupted by technological progress and the values ​​conveyed by the economic system.