May 30 — June 28, 2008

Annie Pelletier

Shelves : A Part of a Larger Surface


From the sidewalk, through the gallery’s storefront window, you see shelves full of salvaged objects. Estranged from their original function, these objects are displayed in a show of light, colour and form. Transparency and hues of green predominate in this illuminated pictorial composition.

Upon entering the gallery, the first thing you notice is a montage of furniture and objects up against the back wall. As you approach, you enter a living room harmoniously decorated in an arrangement of bright colours.

Between these two displays is a shadowy, empty space. Against white walls, steel rods are shaped into words that tell a story of nature lost. Names of trees evoke their past presence.

In this installation, the spectator moves about like a consumer between the window display reminiscent of department stores and someone’s living room. Between the lines written on the walls and the stock of salvaged objects, spectators can’t help but become aware of their contribution to the game of consumption.

Annie Pelletier

Annie Pelletier is originally from Asbestos in Quebec’s Eastern Townships. She has been living in Trois-Rivières for about fifteen years. She has a Master’s degree with a thesis in visual arts from the Université Laval in Quebec and a B.A. in visual arts from the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. Her works have been exhibited in Quebec and abroad.

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