August 1 — October 31, 2021

Norman Barney


At home residency

Art, as a way of life, links a person to their environment – to others, to nature, to places, to the past and to the present. The artistic way of life is a daily enactment of the personal with the world at large. Observation and awareness are paramount in this committed lifestyle.

Norman Barney: Artist in residency — August 31, 2021

As part of his “at home” residency, Barney will share his artistic process in both his studio in Petrolia and in his summer studio on Manitoulin Island. He will share his approach, as he finds new art materials, maintains his gardens, walks with his dogs in the forest and along the shores of Windfall Lake. He will also interact with other artists who will visit the Manitoulin and Petrolia sites.

Norman Barney: Artist in residency — September 7, 2021

Norman Barney: Artist in residency — September 20, 2021

Norman Barney: Artist in residency — October 8, 2021

Norman Barney: Artist in residency — October 28, 2021

Norman Barney

Norman Barney is a multimedia artist who currently works at his studios in Petrolia and on Manitoulin Island. His themes are based on cultural stereotypes, kitsch, nostalgia, and tourism. His work consists of wall hung and free-standing assemblages and paintings. His recent acrylic paintings utilize the odd interactions of bright color, texture, pattern, collaged fabrics, found objects and shine by the addition of mirror paint, glitter, and bling. Continuing with his theme of cultural stereotypes, he also has been working with installation using found objects, kitsch, memorabilia, and furniture. His work is a sophisticated form of Outsider Art or Art Singular. Norman is also a member of an Art Singular group called Remix Collective.

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