April 9 — May 14, 2005

François Mathieu

Ciel et pierres


François Mathieu is part of an obstinate quest for the sublime. Sometimes related to the sacred, sometimes to the little things that dot daily life, the marvellous is found there: between the planks of a house, under a large rock somewhere, under the surface of a lake… “All expect something out of the ordinary, because the ordinary is for everyone”.

The ordinary carries transcendence. Inspired by religious art and what will become of the places of vocation bequeathed by the religious heritage, the artist anchors his own approach in a search for transcendence. At the heart of this research is the work that escapes finality, fragments of machines – always sculptures. The simplest click of which can miraculously animate, to open a breach on the marvellous, to overlook eternity.

François Mathieu

François Mathieu conducts his experiments in sculpture but also through writing and photography. He is interested in the architecture of forms and the ways in which they are put into matter. If he gives himself a mission while working, it is to take the necessary detours to get lost along the way and surprise himself. Holder of a bachelor's degree in philosophy, another in visual arts and a master's degree in Quebec studies, François Mathieu has devoted himself to creation for thirty years. Having to his credit several public art achievements in all kinds of environments, he has also presented numerous exhibitions in Canada, Mexico and Belgium. Originally from St-Éphrem in Beauce, François Mathieu lives and works in a rural area, in St-Sylvestre de Lotbinière.

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