July 16 — 17, 2011

Art in motion

Creative residency, train car trip

Thirty artists will recreate the stories of their train car adventures with you

Two multidisciplinary evenings featuring over 30 artists including: Mary Green, Mariana Lafrance, Mercedes Cueto, Normand Renaud, Jorge Cueto, Stephane Paquette, Daniel Aubin.

What happens when 30 artists travel together on a Budd car in the everlasting northern landscape? You end up with 30 pieces of marvelous artworks, 30 incredible stories and two amazing artistic evenings.

The artwork created during the expedition will be presented in:

Saturday July 16 at 8pm
Hôtel Trois Moulins
154 Martel

Sunday July 17 at 8pm
Via Rail Station
Elgin Street


This artistic event is sponsored by Over The Atlantic and Via Rail.