claude wittmann

February 2020 - ongoing

online from February 2020 (ongoing)
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the artist claude wittmann considers the well-balanced bicycle wheel to be an apt metaphor to describe the overall health of a community. the spokes represent necessary components that sustain a healthy society : health care, affordable housing, proper nourishment, accessible medication, community services, education, etc. when the wheel reaches perfect equilibrium, it emits a harmonious sound as it spins freely.

wittmann, in collaboration with Kevin Morgan from Bike Sudbury, will facilitate the truing and repair of bicycle wheels belonging to the Bike Exchange program. anybody interested in learning or helping will be welcome. no previous experience required.

claude will also lead us into the nuts and bolts of what is behind this project: his invisible disability, his need for specific contingency plans, his advocacy regarding income security for recipients of the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) and of Ontario Works (OW). a component of his project will take place on our blog, which claude has started to activate with real-time thoughts and sensations.

Due to the global pandemic, the projet is ongoing online for now, under the tab wheels/politics/panic of our blog. The continuation of the project will be announced shortly.

The artist

claude wittmann, born in Switzerland, works as a bicycle mechanic and a performance artist in Toronto.

self portrait and text by claude wittmann, December 2020.

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