Partage / Partake

Afield, Andrei Aranyi, Jonathan Kabumbe, Jennie Philipow

February 8 to March 14, 2020

Happening at Nuit Blanche
Saturday Feb. 8, 2020 from 7PM to 1AM
Opening and discussion Thursday Feb.13 at 5 PM
Exhibition from Feb.8 to Mar.14, 2020
54 Elgin street

Partage / Partake

PARTAKE [pɑrˈteɪk] 1. To take part in or experience something along with others. 2. To have a portion.

This collaborative in situ installation reveals the individual and the collective within and in between borrowed and shared spaces.

The peculiarities of the common space are revealed when the inattentive viewer is transformed into a sharp observer. This project by three students from the McEwen School of Architecture uses the GNO as a canvas to encourage reflection on our relationship to space, the other and our own biases.

The public is invited to interact with an installation composed of masks made from redesigned objects, and drawings in conversation with the space they’re encapsulated in. The co-creation initiated by the three artists with different backgrounds is handed to the audience in the manner of a relay where the meaning differs according to the angle of approach.

Partage/Partake is presented in exclusivity as part of the McEwen School of Architecture’s 4th Nuit Blanche, an annual event that takes the building by storm with projects led by the students, transforming their daily place of learning into a showcase for their artistic projects. This shift in the meaning and uses of an institution is part of the installation series’ approach to emphasizing what is invisible when too familiar.

The artists

Kai Wood Mah and Patrick Lynn Rivers co-direct Afield, a design research practice bringing comparative interdisciplinary perspective to contemporary social issues. The practice is critically informed by the integration of design and social science methodologies that advance research-creation.

Originally from northern Transylvania, Romania, Andrei Aranyi is currently pursuing architectural studies at McEwen School of Architecture. His practice in spatial installation is influenced by the contrasts and polarities found in material culture and everyday life.

Jonathan Kabumbe integrates his Congolese culture to his artistic practice in which plasticity is rerouted in order to confront intercultural relations.

Franco-Ontarian now based in British-Colombia, Jennie Philipow works with drawing as a vector of meaning, and is interested in preservation as a mean of recollecting knowledge.

Exhibition Sponsor

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