Intimacy & Beyond

Vessna Perunovich

October 17 to November 21, 1998

Intimacy & Beyond

In this installation, the artist presents sculptures created by putting found objects into a clean unworn pair of pantyhose. The pantyhose stretches, allowing access to a certain limit, but also resisting the pressure forced upon them. In assembling these fragile structures, the attempt is to express the tensions of every-day reality versus the romantic views of sexuality and love. Through the use of diverse materials and forms the artist intends to reveal anxieties and desires we feel in our intimate relationships. As this other skin for the body can easily rip, so can the body they are put over.

The artist explains: « We live in a world that puts enormous pressure upon us to fulfill fatalistic ideals propagated by the advertising and the media. By falling into these boundaries that society imposes on us, we lose touch with our real needs and our individual dreams. Instead of balance and coexistence, society confronts us with violence and destruction. Through the juxtaposition of transparent fluid pantyhose to rough, heavy and sharp edged objects, I tried to reflect the struggle and imbalance that is relevant for the human condition and the utopia of our ultimate goal for happiness. »

Vessna Perunovich | about the artist

Vessna Perunovich was born and educated in Yugoslavia where she participated in a number of solo and group exhibitions. In 1988, she immigrated to Canada where she exhibited extensively. Her work is in public and private collections in Europe, Canada and the U.S

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