Empreinte du temps


March 11th to April 16th 2011

This exhibition is sponsored by Donald P. Kuyek, Barrister & Solicitor. Our season sponsors are, CBON, la Première Chaîne, Espace musique and Radio-Canada Television | Internet.

Empreinte du temps

A sculptural installation that reflects on the passage of time and the trace a human being leaves on Earth…

In the gallery, eleven spheres are aligned on a bed of sand, as if in movement toward infinity. A single sphere is placed aside from the others, like an observer.

The spheres, made from worn and rusty horseshoes welded together, draw us back to an earlier time. Side by side, solidly anchored in the sand, the spheres also represent relationships between humans and with the environment, as well as links between past, present and future.

The shadows of the spheres against the white sand add another dimension to the work. The assembled horseshoes’ silhouette on the floor evokes lace or Arabic calligraphy.

Both robust and delicate, this work reminds us that as individuals, our place in history is important, yet fleeting.

LaGaan lives and works in Bromont, Québec. For over twenty years, she has strived to attribute artistic function to obsolete objects, like beef bones and horseshoes. Her work has been exhibited all across Quebec, in Ontario and in the United States.

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