Yves LaRocque

In 2000, Yves made the important decision to devote most of his time to art teaching, since for him at that moment, it was the revealed path to follow. He still paints a lot, masters drawing and colors, but most important, he fosters creativity — he strongly believes that everyone can paint. His art has been shown in Europe and both Americas; many of his paintings are part of private collections. His works are still shown in several group exhibitions, most importantly Arteder 82 at the Muestra de’Arte Grafica of Bilbao, Spain. Moreover, a public TV network produced a short program on his works. His ultimate goal? That you succeed.

His participation in the artistic domain goes beyond painting. Many times, his voice has been broadcasted on Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) as a known art critic and historian. Also, as art historian he regularly publishes in periodicals such as La Vie des Arts (Montreal), Liaison (Ottawa), Médium (Paris), RACAR (Canada), Histoire de l’Art, RACAR and Médium (Paris). He was the founder of Nuit Blanche Ottawa. His conferences on art history have taken him across Canada and to France, the Netherlands, Colombia and the United States.

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