Yanie Porlier

Yanie Porlier is a media artist. She was awarded the Ottawa School of Art’s Lillian Raport Memorial Scholarship (2017), Fritz Allgoewer Memorial Scholarship (2017) and Mixed Media Artists Scholarship (2016). She also had the opportunity to mentor with the internationally-known French artist Fred Forest (http://www.fredforest.org) for a Canada-France retrospective at the Centre des arts Georges Pompidou. At the Ottawa School of Art, Yanie Porlier is known for her experimental approach to performance and conceptual arts. Her performance Raconte-moi/Tell me was chosen for presentation during the 2017 Architecture Week in Ottawa.


Her work will consist of a video installation that questions the concept of territory and borders as a delimitation of space, but also in the sense of past and present. She intends to use the history of Sudbury as inspiration to create images of imaginary places based on historical facts, thus reinforcing the notion of the fluidity of the borders between past and present, fiction and reality.

In her artistic practice, she introduces an interactive aspect in which the spectator becomes involved in the creation of the work. She intends to include direct participation by Sudbury citizens and visitors in the creation of a video.

This interaction between the artist and Sudbury citizens/visitors complements the concept of fluid borders between work, artist and spectator, between citizens and visitors, between native Sudburians and visitors.

Citizens and visitors participation will be through audio and video recordings in the first days of the project, which will be integrated in the work in final editing. The audio recordings will deal with the memories, the present and the future of the participants. As for the video sequences, scenarios will be prepared and citizens/visitors will be invited to participate.

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