Patrick Dionne & Miki Gingras

Since 1999, we have been creating photographic works inspired by and focusing on relationships between individuals and their environment, and their ability to bring about change to this environment. As privileged witnesses, we address these realities visually by exploring different ways of presenting photographs to highlight the narrative aspect of images. We challenge documentary objectivity and photography's relationship with reality from both a technical and relational point of view. We interpret what we see and then create confusion about what is real and what is an illusion. To do this, we use various strategies after taking the photographs. We look at photography and work on it as if it were a subjective and pictorial jigsaw: we move various parts around, making sure we keep as close as possible to the image's meaning. Using computers, we break up the image and then rebuild it according to how we interpret the subject and the characteristics of its context. The final photographic compositions are poetic and playful allegories, presented as narrative scenes blending reality and fiction.