Les Poulpes

Les Poulpes (The Ocotopi) is a tentacular multi/interdisciplinary collective founded in Chicoutimi in 2011. Theatre, performance and visual arts compose the architexture of their artistic endeavours. Les Poulpes have completed nine major works, participated in countless events and workshops and produced Vjette/DJette/Set, a fanzine and a ten-part web series. The energies of multidisciplinary artists Andrée-Anne Giguère, Elaine Juteau and Anick Martel converge in this unique trio. Les Pouples are known for presenting plural and fragmented shapes characterized by their humour, derision and collaboration. They have performed in Chicoutimi, Jonquière, Vallée-Jonction, Senneterre, Montréal, Québec, Ottawa, Rivière-du-Loup, Rimouski, Halifax, and now in Sudbury. In 2017, their collective became multi-territorial and definitely tentacular, because the members of the trio now live in three different localities: Chicoutimi, Montréal and Saint-Émile-de-Suffolk, thus opening a new chapter in their creative dynamic. They have received bursaries from the Conseil des arts de Saguenay (CAS) and the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (CALQ) and their current project is Soi-disant dix, a theatrical work exploring the theme of value.


Traces and imprints are recurring elements in their work. The body often comes into play, as both a fictitious and an intimate representation of self and other. Their creations are confounding and amusing, inventive and invested. Les Poulpes have a storage space full of objects that they put to use in all their projects. Their creations devolve into many sub-projects that echo each other. Les Poulpes are adept at managing, planning, conceptualizing, coordinating, communicating, administering and producing; they are multifaceted, versatile, rhizomatous entrepreneurs. Like the octopus, they have three hearts and three brains. In 2018-2019, their work Soi-disant dix (working title) calls into question the notion of value.


Les Poulpes are pleased to be part of the 2018 edition of the FAAS, where they will be presenting performances, videos, some photos and traces of their project Convoi, a nine-day performance aboard a train. They will also carry out the first actions of their new project Soi-disant dix.

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