John Deneuve

John Deneuve, born in 1976, lives and works in Marseilles. She is an artist, musician and performer whose work mixes installation, performance, music, sound experiments, video and drawing in the development of a protean universe. Deneuve’s work has been exhibited in various European cities (Reykjavik, Manchester, Prague, etc.) and selected by many festivals (Pictoplasma, Slick, Tokyo Video Festival, Rencontres Paris-Berlin, etc.). She regularly collaborates in material or sound-based projects with a variety of artists. She has shared the stage with Jello Biafra, the Space Lady, Schlaasss, Jankenpopp, Company Fuck, Tapetronic, Syndrome WPW, Baptiste Brunello and others. John Deneuve’s performative and musical project is characterized by exuberant energy in danceable electro-techno compositions punctuated with synthesizers, laser guns, glitter, whips, cascades and zouk, spiced up with singing and laced with the sounds of inventive DIY musical instruments. Hosted by a master of ceremonies, this atypical project event has a festive experimental vibe.