Jean-Ambroise Vesac

Jean-Ambroise Vesac research-creation explore the artistic potential of computer science to offer unique interactive experiences. 3D capture, data processing, generative algorithm, interaction and immersion form the materials of his artistic language. His works address the hybridization of humans and machines leading to a digital togetherness. Vesac is a member of Perte de Signal. He’s a board member of le Musée d’Art (MA) and le Petit théâtre du Vieux-Noranda at Rouyn-Noranda. He is the manager of the l’Espace O Lab (community research-creation lab) of UQAT. He’s a professor of experiential design.


Vesac’s artistic approach is oriented towards interaction, participation and social space. His works explore environments of mixed realities, that is to say half physical, half digital, where machine, man and landscape coexist. They offer interactive aesthetic experiences to the participants. He approaches classic topics, such as portraiture or landscape, using the tools and language of the digital arts. For that, he uses advanced technologies and develops his own software of creation, his interfaces of control and his robotic instruments.

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