Geneviève Massé

A native of Rivière-du-Loup, Geneviève Massé lives and works in Montreal. She is a conceptual and multidisciplinary artist who initially began with formal training in the world of interior, industrial and event design. Bolstered by her professional experience in the field of visual arts (ATSA, San Francisco Arts Commission, Bureau d’art public / Mois de la photo in Montréal, DARE-DARE, etc.), she is completing a master’s degree in visual arts at the UQAM in 2017. She has exhibited her work in Quebec, principally in Montreal, San Francisco and the World Wide Web, and she has works in private collections.

Geneviève Massé intends to complete an extensive one-week exploratory survey of Sudbury based on numbers and concrete territorial data drawn from a careful inventory of various constitutive elements of the landscape. Through her vigilant and attentive presence (observation, mediation, walking) and her empirical understanding of the territory, she will collect, identify and interpret spatial and temporal data. Traces will be left, drawn, traced; numbers will be listed, catalogued, classified. After returning from her census of the natural world, she will process all this data like an accountant at her desk and will attempt to produce images from this mass of everyday data.

As a conceptual and multidisciplinary artist, Geneviève Massé uses codes, systems logic and documentation to question the essence and fundamental aspects of data bases and the implementation of such systems that govern our world. She uses both digital and analog tools to operate protocols that continually evolve in order to photograph, capture, document, draw, enumerate and organize. She establishes rigorous systems that allow for arbitrariness in the production process, generating a series of images, gestures, lines or manipulations of a given subject. She questions the systems put in place and attempts to grasp their inherent weaknesses, resulting in attempts at auto-representation through images, drawings or even Excel spreadsheets.

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