nouveau chapître: claude et Ray

i and artist Ray Laporte from Sudbury are starting a public conversation in this blog.

we spoke on the phone and my perception is that we agreed to do this as gestures of life, from our life experience and as part of our life as two people who are now by default in a human relationship. do you agree Ray?

this is « art » for me even if it might not appear as such. i wonder whether i want to say something else today. yes, this.

Ray, here is a selfie drawn with both hands and eyes closed and some words.


it is now 4:35pm

my deep shame/fear

is rising

as it does every day

to remind me that

i feel unsafe

in my own home.

i well know this is internalized oppression,

but still, 

the deepest

me behind all


practice is


to know

where home is.


your turn Ray.

thank you for doing this with me.