The Nouveau Louvre’s opening : a successful get-together

The 24th edition of Nouveau Louvre started on Saturday Nov.23 with the GNO’s helpers carolling to a feverish crowd.

With approximately 374 artworks made by local and out-of-town artists to choose from, the yearly art sale pleased the art lovers that showed up at 139 Durham street.

This year’s first day was a record-breaker as 56 pieces found a home, which means the GNO was able to pay 7,000$ to artists as its annual fundraiser just begun.

The event, taking place from Tuesday to Saturday until Dec.21st, exposes 2 artworks from the same artist at a time while stocks last. This means the exhibition renews as never-seen-before artworks are put on display as the sales go.

This is something to keep in mind if you haven’t found the one at the Nouveau Louvre’s opening, amongst all the acrylics, watercolours, pastels, photographies, sculptures, collages, glassworks and so much more that this unique event offers. To stay updated, visit the exhibition page to see new work displayed in our virtual gallery.