September 5 — 12, 1996

Itinéraire 12


with: Marjolaine Bourgeois, Paut-Édouard Bourque, Luc Charrette, Herménégilde Chiasson, Denise Daigle, Guy Duguay, Joanne Duguay, Yvon Gallant, Ronald Goguen, Raymond Martin, Nancy Morin and Roméo Savoie

An original concept uniting a variety of notions such as belonging, identity, searching and wandering, Itinéraire 12 examines the contents of twelve suitcases, the vision of twelve Acadian artists, driving them into the sphere of international contemporary art. Itinéraire 12 illustrates, through its original form, the many particular capacities and intentions brought to individuals, tributaries of a cultural baggage; and this, without necessarily imposing a definition based upon geographical space. For Acadia, which has no determined physical borders, defines the very sense of itinerancy. Thus, the theme of the exhibition becomes part of the work’s construction, germinating the creation process.

The multidisciplinary which directs Itinéraire 12 brings together various mediums which then clash, resulting in artistic union. After weeks of individual creation, painters, engravers, photographers, sculptors and others find their works united and aimed in the same direction. Functioning as an installation, each of the twelve works is put forth as both a personal and global force contributing to the collective sense that is included in a unique, common work of art.

The concept of the project was developed by la Galerie Sans Nom in Moncton. La Galerie Sans Nom (GSN) is a self-managed artists centre that presents since 1977 exhibitions revealing the current tendencies in visual art by Canadian artists whose work is innovating and relevant in the art and social fields.