GNO wishes you Happy Holidays !

After quite the eventful year, the GNO team is closing 2019’s book and is taking a well deserved nap – in order to come back ready for a new decade of contemporary art !

In 2019, the GNO :

  • welcomed a new employee
  • collaborated to the Place des Arts’ Projet Manifeste
  • showed outdoor performances in summer AND winter
  • went on strike
  • left its venue after 22 years
  • moved by foot with a little help from its friends
  • cussed at all the boxes
  • did its strategic planning two feet deep in Lake Nipissing
  • laughed a lot – thanks to legalization
  • boogied at Up Here 5
  • redid its design with Studio 123
  • broke a sale record at Nouveau Louvre
  • prepared yet another ass-kicking outside-the-walls artistic season


We will be closed from Dec.22, 2019 to Jan.6, 2020. We will be back at 139 Durham street from January 7 to 9 for the Nouveau Louvre’s artists who wish to pick up their unsold artworks.