from claude: end of panic, beginning of epic?

i have had the privilege to blog here since march 2020. my art being the gestures that are supposed to keep me and my community alive (survival art), this blog has gone through different phases related to my survival. what have i learnt about blogging?

i have learnt that the GNO gallery blog can be a survival space where one senses their dignity while feeling it is cut in pieces elsewhere (during my housing crisis in Toronto, march-august 2020).

more recently, i have learnt that the GNO blog can be shared with another human being and be used as a safe container to create a new friendship.

this is what Sudbury artist Ray Laporte and i have done since january 2021. we are now friends and well, we do not need the safe container anymore. we have decided to realize our friendship offline from now on, with phone calls and snail mail that include exchanges of drawings and short letters.

my relationship with Sudbury is not ending though.

this blog is entering a next (probably last) phase: the “epic” part.

am i going to move to Sudbury in a few years?

i will write more later about this.