Song and Dance

Jennifer Bélanger

September 9th to October 8th, 2011

This exhibition is sponsored by ARD’s Second Hand Store. Our season sponsors are, CBON, la Première Chaîne, Espace musique and Radio-Canada Television | Internet, 50 Carleton, Le Voyageur and Le Loup 98,9 La voix du Nord.

Song and Dance

Song and Dance is an accumulation of stories, some fictional, some autobiographical, which explore circumstances that make up one’s identity. A familiar, yet strange basement den is built to house these constructed narratives. Silk-screened texts on mass-produced 1980’s offset portraits adorn wood-paneled walls. Secret objects or messages are dissimulated in the familiar setting making it somewhat eerie as if an inhabitant were playing with the viewer. This print-based project visits notions of identity, family and secrecy. The artist’s interest lies in the transformation of ordinary objects or daily activities into intriguing or amusing art pieces.

Jennifer Bélanger has a BFA from Moncton University and an MFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design. Her work has been presented in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Québec and Ontario.

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