Quelques variations

Shahla Bahrami, LaGaan, Nathalie Lavoie, Paul Walty

March 18 to April 27, 2000

Quelques variations

At first glance, the four artists exhibiting here have little in common. Their eclectic concerns run a gamut: probing of atmospheric phenomena (N. Lavoie), of identity questions linked to wearing the tchador (S. Bahrami), of contradictions within available spaces for speech (P. Walty), of bone as sculpture material (La Gaan).

However, each work deploys itself in the form of a series where repetition continues to exercise an enduring attraction for endless combinations. The series leaves the work of art open to multiple renderings and meanings in a sea of possibilities, while simultaneously reinstating narrativity and time as necessities. Perhaps, the seduction of seriality lies in its capacity to function as a visual mantra.

Marie-Jeanne Musiol

La Gaan
Bones used by La Gaan are either reintroduced in a natural setting to reinforce their biological continuity with the earth, or abstracted and used in sculptures with a resonance to origins and a relationship to constructed space.

Nathalie Lavoie
The forces of nature, unpredictable and chaotic as seen through satellite imaging, are channeled by Nathalie Lavoie into a linear and narrative of drawings which speak of transformation.

Shahla Bahrami
The anonymous figures of veiled women are photocopied and worked on by Shahla Bahrami as icons to express the ambivalence of an underlying violence and the affirmation of a cultural identity.

Paul Walty
Paul Walty’s characters exist as small pencil or ink drawings before being scanned and printed out. The computer generates endless variations and formats where the pixel mimics the blown-up structure of a broken pencil line and empty space also encompasses territory akin to a loss of speech.

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