Paysage temporel

Yvonne St-Onge

May 12 to June 15, 2000

Paysage temporel

In this exhibition, the artist works with the temporal properties of the photographic medium with a conceptual and visual approach. She edifies ceremoniously her personal sanctuary through a renewing ritual.

The installation consists of six large scale photographic pieces reproduced on a muslin drapery stretched over a metal frame. When exposed to light, the muslin which has been induced with a pigmented emulsion picks up the image from the negative apposed to it. Like the negative leaving its trace on the material, the images represent the passage of life and time on our bodies. This exhibition transmits the evolution of a study on an essential element of photography: the capture of an ephemeral moment.

« As she struggled to get the desired results from a complicated process, St-Onge attempted to bleach an unsuccessful photographic image into extinction. The image disappeared completely – or so she thought.

When she hung the piece of fabric on the clothesline to dry, sunlight brought the image back in all its grainy glory. Alas, she had found the solution to a complex creative problem.

[…] The works have a haunting appearance, as if the image is disappearing. At the same time, they have a paradoxically enduring, lingering quality. They speak of the impermanence of things, and yet have an inherent permanence. […] In Paysage temporal (temporal landscape), the figure speaks to the human condition – to the qualities of strength, courage and character that endure through all pain. »

Excerpt from the article Artist deals with her own kind of photographic miracle Rob O’Flanagan, Sudbury Star, Saturday May 13, 2000

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