Jocelyne Belcourt Salem

May 9 to June 19, 1998


This exhibition is about the forgotten memories of a nation. It demonstrates the sadness of abandoned land on the Saskatchewan prairies. The work includes eight large format photos printed on mylar and mounted on glass panels. For each panel a sound track plays the sounds and voices of ancient homesteaders who tell about the every day life of the times. The sound of voices fills the room with whispers of stories from the past which creates an almost sacred atmosphere. This brings the viewer to pause and ponder in front of each work. With Parallaxis, the artist explores the effects of the abandonment of a particular land by its people and the resulting loss of culture and language.

Jocelyne Belcourt Salem | about the artist

Jocelyne Belcourt Salem is a Toronto artist who has exhibited her work in galleries across the country, in the United States and as far as Australia.