Osons l’humain

Pierre Raphaël Pelletier

September 10th to October 12th 2013

Exhibition from September 10th to October 12th

Exhibition Sponsor

Osons l'humain

All that is left unsaid about works of art reveals the limits of many theories on art and creation. As for artists’ comments on their own work or research, as pertinent as they might be, they fall prey to the unpredictable process of all creative endeavours.

Thus, keeping in mind these surely approximate considerations, what could I say about my own process without, of course, lapsing into self-gratification and the mirror’s complacency?

Let’s say, firstly, that like any person devoted to the pursuit of art, that is where the better part of my life is spent. That is to say that I am of my time and space, of my story and its migrations, in my body and my spirit. There, I sense the calm breathing in and out of my discoveries and failures in matter, humble as it may be.

Which brings me to the appropriation of mixed materials: feathers, boas, pompoms, chicken wire, cheesecloth, acrylic paints, pieces of wood, pinecones, thread, coloured pipe cleaners, sheets of paper, cardboard, etc., with an ever-present predilection for vibrant colours (blue, red, and yellow, set in splotches of white). All matter is worked, to breathe form into it, with all aesthetic effect and beyond. It’s as if I might see from the heights of creation.

Let’s go back for a few instants to the question of form. Progenitor of sight, in all creative work, it is form that imparts coherence to the creative process and its resulting works. This same form, exulted at the heart of his process, determines the singularity of the artist’s work. While forever incomplete, form is much more than itself in each creative endeavour that reveals the multiple possibilities of form. So it is that in the creative process, the spectator is increasingly asked to interact with the work, to participate in its creation and to become a “creator” in his own right.

The form my action takes, my “artistic practice”, is necessarily militant, as I’ve always refused every point of order and all ideological verbosity surrounding the creative process. I am, we are, creating, forever in transient phases, profound mutations, and fundamental reconsiderations leading us to a way of thinking necessarily linked to that same liberty we defend when we open wide the floodgates of righteous anger and indignation.

Pierre Raphaël Pelletier, Embrun 2013

A committed artist in the noblest sense of the term, Pierre Raphaël Pelletier has been building a profoundly coherent body of literary and pictorial works in which the relationships to the Self and the Other are formed and dissolved.

An Ottawa University philosophy graduate (bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral studies), he has been an art critic, researcher, professor, and director of ongoing education for his alma mater. His paintings, drawings, sculptures and other miscellaneous works have illustrated numerous books and been shown in over 50 solo and group exhibitions, primarily in Québec and Ontario.

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