L’horizon des événements

Julie Tremble

January 19th to February 21st 2013

L'horizon des événements

In this video installation, Julie Tremble explores formal parallels between emotions and storms. With particular emphasis on the image of explosion, she examines the physiological manifestations of violent emotions. Through experimental animation and fiction, she draws the visitor into an intense emotional and sensorial tempest.

As the visitor arrives at the gallery entrance, there is already a cacophonic flurry of sounds of frantic bird calls, panicked footfalls, ringing bells, howling wolves – which are audible signs of an imminent, unspecified catastrophe. Through the windows, the visitor sees a storm of windswept leaves and raging flames projected on the walls inside the gallery.

Once inside, the visitor stands in the heart of a second storm of sound: chinking metal, smashing dishes, women crying out their distress. Behind the wall, a second video is discovered. Here, the fears, desires and humiliations of an intemperate woman are displayed in the form of a crime scene that is both playful and dramatic. The video ends when the scene and the woman are consumed by excessive desire.

On the back wall, a silent video shows pale, opaque clouds being continuously regenerated. Subtle splashes of pastel colours travel over the screen. In some way, this is the blind end of the tempest.

Inspired by cinema, visual arts, literature and philosophy, Julie Tremble’s video works explore the materiality of emotions and the narrativity of natural elements. She has a master’s degree in film studies from Université de Montréal and her works have been exhibited in galleries and various festivals across Canada. She currently resides in Montréal, where she is active in various cultural organizations.

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