Les prunelles de la peau

Lisa Fitzgibbons

April 13th to May 12th, 1996

Les prunelles de la peau

Lisa Fitzgibbons is predominantly a maker of experimental films. La Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario was the site of her first installation which combined her talents of film and photography. This exhibition, which consists of a series of photographic images as well as the projection of film images on windows, explores the way in which pain etches itself into memory.

Her views: « At the cross roads between visual arts and cinema lies a fertile ground for research. The more formal aspects of the first discipline give way to a certain alternative exploration of narration that is usually reserved for cinema. I want to go beyond these restrictions in order to re-examine the way stories are told. A closer examination of an isolated image charged with emotion challenges the traditional structure of stories told through films. »


« The Lisa Fitzgibbons exhibition […] is fairly typical of a new kind of installation art (multi-media constructions that blend many or all of the visual arts) that is currently popular in art circles. Conceptually-based, highly personal, often simple in appearance, understated or esoteric, it is the kind of contemporary art that can leave you scratching your head.

Often that is its whole purpose. But Fitzgibbons’s show has such a slow, sad and haunting impact that her simple appearances end up being charged with meaning or, more accurately, feeling. And it is feeling alone that makes this show oddly effective.

[…] it is a pleasure to see art that can dredge such reflections out of you, and that is not afraid to explore sadness, plain and simple.»
Excerpt from article Exhibit explores lost childhood by Rob O’Flanagan, Sudbury Star, May 9, 1996

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