The Olympic Effort of the Sex Magick Warriors

Maximilian Suillerot

September 19 to November 8, 2019

Opening Thursday Sept. 19, 2019, 9 pm
at Zigs bar and the GNO, 54 Elgin street.

The Olympic Effort of the Sex Magick Warriors

Survival, Self-Care, Sensuality.

The call is out, the ritual can begin.

This work in continuity by the Toronto based queer artist explores the themes of self-preservation through a strong community and their means for survival, while overflowing in the GNO’s neighbourhood.

The premise, titled The Ritual of the Sex Magick Warriors, confrontes and comforts the public to its role as a viewer, an ally and a bystander to practices where empathy melds with activism in a part comical, part alarmist way. The following work that Suillerot puts together during their residency echoes in the local queer community and its environment where it evolves against all odds.

The artist

Maximilian Suillerot is a queer multi-media artist holding French and Mexican nationalities, currently living and working in Toronto. Born and raised in Mexico City, Maximilian began their artistic training in Paris (France) at Les ARCADES. They continued their studies at the University of Toronto where they obtained a B.A (Hons) specializing in Visual Art Studies.

In their practice, Maximilian plays with concepts that encompass the duality of presence and absence in queer settings. They are concerned with psychological processes, as well as the limits of intimacy. The notion of memory is questioned and put to the test. Grief and fiction meld with aspects of personal narrative to reveal a comical discomfort and rituals are created as coping mechanisms to deal with life.

In the medias

Interview with Daniel Aubin at Matin du Nord, broadcasted at Radio-Canada, Friday September 20, 2019.

Interview at Stie-Citte, broadcasted Thursday September 19, 2019. The interview starts at 29:14.

Exhibition review by Alexander Rondeau, published by Off Centre in February 2021.