The Nouveau Louvre

November 21 to December 23, 2015

Opening Saturday November 21st at 2pm

Exhibition Sponsors

The Nouveau Louvre 2015

When the mercury falls and the holidays are fast approaching, the people of Sudbury know that it’s time for the Nouveau Louvre at la Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario.

The yearly non-juried exhibition brings hundreds of original works of art, of all disciplines to the GNO. You’ll find acrylic and oil paintings, watercolours, sculpture, mixed media, stained glass, and more. What’s certain is that the subjects are as varied as the participating artists who themselves are numbered at over a hundred. Whether they’re landscapes, sudburian cityscapes, or abstract geometries, the Nouveau Louvre has something for everyone! You can be sure that the gallery’s walls will be entirely covered in art, from the floor the ceiling!

Each individual artwork at the Nouveau Louvre is for sale at the special price of 200$. Being a fundraiser for the artist-run centre, the profits are shared between the artist (125$) and the GNO (75$). It really is the ideal occasion to acquire an original work of art all while supporting the GNO and a community of artists!

Do we have to remind you that art makes an excellent gift for the holidays? This year, why not offer a gift that’s 100% guaranteed to be one of a kind!

Aside from covering the gallery’s walls at 174 Elgin St, all the artwork from the Nouveau Louvre is available to view online on the GNO’s website. The virtual gallery will go live at the very moment the Nouveau Louvre officially opens: Saturday November 21st at 2pm.

Of course, one must visit the Nouveau Louvre often, because each time an artwork is sold a new piece of art is put up in its place!

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