Le flâneur du nickel city

Mariana Lafrance

May 22nd to June 20th 2009

residency from May 18 to 21, 2009
exhibition from May 22 to June 20, 2009

Le flâneur du nickel city

Create scenarios for a fictitious character; leave traces of his presence; then enjoy rediscovering them. That’s what inspired the author of the “Nickel City Flâneur” legend.

Mariana Lafrance’s project will draw you into a fantastic tale and allow you to experience the wanderer’s wanderings. An unknown traveller has arrived in Sudbury on foot. But will he be able to open the city’s doors? Does he have the wherewithal to outdo the men and women who hold him back? Will he fulfill his quest?

His legend will be told through a series of forty photographs presented in eight chapters. A large map of Sudbury will help you find your bearings and situate you in the action. The wanderer’s tale, as retrieved by the artist, will be transmitted to you through a projection on the wall. And finally, the wanderer’s attire will be exhibited as legitimate proof of his existence and his passage through Sudbury.

Among one hundred and fifty thousand others, a Sudbury legend will be brought to light.

Will the hero meet his creator? It’s a question that viewers might well ask about themselves.

Mariana Lafrance obtained a Master’s in Museology at University of Toronto and a Bachelor’s at Carleton University in Ottawa. Her work was presented in Sudbury and in Toronto. Her photography project Et la petite fumée was published in the book Site Unseen by Les Éditions Prise de parole in the fall of 2008.