La danse macabre

Paul Walty

May 16th to June 14th, 1996

La danse macabre

The artist gets his inspiration from the Middle Ages, a time where half the population was decimated by a bubonic plague, to present us his vision of the perpetual bombardement of televisual sensationalism. One of the metaphors of death during this period was the Dance of the Death, or Danse macabre, a juxtaposition of joy and death.

“By replacing the Danse macabre to the end of our century (XXth), I have transformed the choreography into an involuntary movement of bodies under the impact of machine gun bullets, of bodies swinging from a rope…The horror is intense but our indifference amplifies it.´´

The exhibition is composed of several artworks of large format, made possible by an enhancing procedure on computer, where the shapes are juxtaposed. It denunciates with great strength the modern atrocities that contaminate our society.

The artist

Paul Walty, a visual artist based in Toronto, has been active professionally since 1980. For the most part, drawing is his medium of choice.

French and English, both spoken and written, are frequent sources of inspiration. An attentive viewer will note that the titles of his work are almost always in the two official languages. Rarely is one a translation of the other.

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